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Get More Leads With Content Marketing


Consistent, profitable, lead generating content marketing. Done for you on your blog and Social Media, like clockwork.

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Bite Sized Content

Get more leads by turning your podcasts, videos or written content into engaging Micro Content your audience loves & shares on Social Media. Get maximum leverage from what you're already doing and what you've already got.

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Meal Sized Content

Channel market demand and create deep desire for your products and services by turning your unique expertise into Ultimate Lead Magnets, reports, manifestos and podcasts your audience downloads and consumes like crazy.

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Convert More Leads Into Clients With The Right Funnel, Optimized For Your Business

Funnel Rescue

Stop wasting effort, opportunity and ad spend. Fix your funnel. There are 7 distinct types of funnels each designed for very specific business models, business sizes and business goals. Most businesses are either using completely the wrong funnel or their funnel is hacked together & half-built. If that's you, you'll pay higher ad cost and suffer low conversion rates. Let's fix that.

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Increase Revenue And Decrease Your Stress Level By Eliminating Sales & Marketing Bottlenecks In Your Business

Strategic Consulting

Two steps to the fastest, least stressful way to increase revenue and profit in your business:

Step 1) find and eliminate what's really holding you back (Brake Points) and then,

Step 2) locate and take full advantage of what's working best in your business (Accelerator Points).

The ultimate success and profitability of your business, and how fast you can get there, is controlled by your Brake Points. The ultimate potential in your business is determined by your Accelerator Points. These are unique to you and your business.

Do you know what your Brake Points and Accelerator Points are? Most business owners don't and they burn a lot of time, energy and money focused on the wrong thing.

Take advantage of our suite of tools and systems engineered over 22 years to identify & eliminate your specific Brake Points and locate & leverage your specific Accelerator Points.

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Want help getting more leads, conversions, clients?

It all starts with a 20 minute no-nonsense, results-focused consultation session we call The SRGS Call.

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